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Yasar University

Graduate Program in Tourism Management aims to educate students who want to be an entrepreneur or a senior manager in the tourism sector, with the skills required by the fast-growing sector both in national and international terms, and also students who aim for an academic career.


The MA in Tourism Management programme looks to professionally train students to a high level, and prepare them for management positions in the tourism industry. Students will follow the general trends in the sector, as well as examine the sources and basic problems in tourism today. The training provided also relates to the sub-disciplines of hotel management, tourism marketing, tourism policy and planning, and the financial dimensions of tourism. Students will learn to evaluate sector problems and create solutions, transferring the knowledge effectively into their working lives. Graduates will be qualified to work in the tourism sector, both in Turkey and abroad.


Students of the Graduate Program in Tourism Management with thesis are supposed to accomplish 1 seminar, 1 compulsory and 6 elective courses and a thesis. In addition to the courses directly related to tourism management, elective courses from the MBA are also offered to students.

Graduate Program in Tourism Management provides the opportunity to study abroad in various universities within Erasmus exchange programs. Graduate Program in Tourism Management is also a member of the International Tourism Master Network (ITMN) in which 12 prestigious universities from the countries such as England, Germany, France, Canada are involved. Students doing a master’s degree in the tourism field at Yaşar University can study in these distinguished universities such as Bournemouth University in England or Savoie USMB University in France either on the course stage or dissertation stage for 1 or 2 semesters.

Yaşar University, the Graduate Program in Tourism Management is also a member of the European Network of University Colleges in Tourism (ACCEPT). Students can participate in the project week hosted by a member university of the association and organized on a determined theme every year with the participation of international students who are awarded a certificate. The programme offers both non thesis and thesis options. The non-thesis program includes 9 elective modules and a term project. The program with thesis includes 7 elective modules and the thesis.


Yasar University

As its mission, Yaşar University has the aim of allowing our academic and administrative staff, our students and other partners to reach the correct information quickly and contributing to their improvement of intellectual assets by supporting the education given at the university and the research carried out.



2 years


İzmir, Turkey




General management
Tourism finance
Tourism marketing
Tourism policy and planning
Solution creation



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