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Business partners are an important part of the ITMN network.
They have valuable expertise and can provide internships and research positions for students.
Read more about them on this page.

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A special advantage for the ITMN students is BARIG’s huge airline network and its well-known online job market, providing professional job vacancies and internships.


As the largest ‘Board of Airline Representatives’ worldwide, BARIG represents the political, economic, and operational interests of its more than 100 national and international member airlines. These members are looking worldwide for a highly qualified workforce. In this case, BARIG operates as a connector and mediator between universities and airlines to give as many students as possible the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain practical experiences.


BARIG in a nutshell:

  • Largest “Board of Airline Representatives” worldwide representing the interests of its member airlines since 1951

  • In constant dialogue with government, ministries, politicians, airports, and other industry players

  • Taking part in important political discussions and legislative processes

  • Multiplier with 70 years of expertise

  • Providing a well-established cross-industrial business partner network

  • BARIG member airlines represent renowned carriers from all over the world (pax, cargo, leisure, low-cost)

  • In Germany alone, BARIG member airlines have over 135,000 employees

Internships and Traineeships

With a BARIG internship, you get the chance to look behind the scenes of an airline association, its duties, assemblies, and meetings. You support the association in its daily business. Your duties vary from research and preparation of various aviation topics to creation of editorial content as well as co-organization of events and meetings. You are looking for practical experiences? Then join the BARIG team!

Job Vacancies

Ready for take-off with BARIG member airlines? Whether administration, marketing, or sales – there are many interesting job opportunities in the aviation industry waiting for you. Have a look at the BARIG online job market and find out which positions our BARIG member airlines are currently searching worthy and professional candidates for. Find the perfect match!

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