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Welcome to Yasar University

As its mission, Yaşar University has the aim of allowing academic and administrative staff, students and other partners to reach the correct information quickly and contribute to their improvement of intellectual assets by supporting the education given at the university and the research carried out.

Employees and students live with the culture of the institution as long as they are on the campus. Eventually, graduates transfer this culture to other institutions throughout their career and they keep the awareness of being a ‘Yaşar University Student’. The Yaşar University Family is an educational institution in which different languages, cultures, nations and individuals’ dreams come true in the light of science and in unity by aiming at success. Their most significant motivation is to witness students’ achievements and be proud of them.



This graduate programme in Tourism Management aims to educate students who want to be an entrepreneur, senior manager in the tourism sector or obtain an academic career, with the skills required by the fast-growing sector both in national and international terms.


The beauty of the Aegean.

"Beautiful İzmir" draws you into a world of picturesque modernity and traditions, with its refreshing touches to human souls. İzmir is one of the oldest cities with continuous settlement for 8500 years. Its streets are shaded by palm trees, the sidewalks beautiful and the houses elegant. The city's coastline is known for its seafood restaurants along the coast as well as its cafes and leisure facilities, while the hinterland is rich in ruins and monuments that tell the stories of countless ancient civilizations.

İzmir is the sound of the sea and the wind. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, İzmir is mostly sunny all year round. This makes the city a very popular destination for the beaches where you can find every shade of blue and enjoy all kinds of water sports.

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