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Universidade do Algarve

Our two-year, 120 ECTS masters programme in Tourism gives you the choice of following 4 different specialised pathways: Tourism Marketing; Tourist Operations Management; Tourism, Culture and Heritage; or Tourism Infrastructure Management.


The Master in Tourism contributes to the enhancement of the academic skills and professional performance of young graduates, who intend to expand knowledge and direct their professional career, and of professionals, interested in developing scientific and technical skills in the field of tourism. The main language of the programme is currently Portuguese, but tutorial guidance can be arranged in English and all assignments and exams may be written in English.

You will get a deeper knowledge of scientific fields relating to tourism and develop scientific and technical skills in the fields of tourism, which are fundamental to an efficient, creative and innovative professional performance. Master students will also enhance their skills and behaviour, such as creative problem solving, providing them with techniques that will allow you to manage tourist (relating) activities and anticipate trends in the sector.

You will train for top management functions, specialised in one of the areas offered in the course:​​​ Tourism Marketing; Tourism, Culture and Heritage; Operations Management; and Tourism Infrastructure Management.​


This two-year master has four different directions you can choose from*, each with a slightly different module package, though all relating to tourism. The directions focus on marketing, operations, culture & heritage and infrastructure.

Year one exists out of 2 semesters with different modules. Year two is a full year, in which you can choose between a dissertation, applied project or work placement with a report.

*Please note that not all the pathways may be available every year.


Universidade do Algarve

Study where you would like to live!

Founded in 1979, the University of the Algarve (UAlg) is a public university based in the beautiful town of Faro – the capital of Portugal’s most important tourism region. With close to 10 000 students, of which around 10% are international students, UAlg has a growing reputation both nationally and internationally as a centre for academic quality and diversity.



2 years


Faro, Portugal




Operations / Marketing / Culture & Heritage / Infrastructure
Professional performance
Main language Portuguese
Top management functions


Destination management
Tourism marketing
Stakeholder management
Economic development
Development finance
Creative leadership
Research processes & methods
Contextual research
Destination development

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