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University of Milano Bicocca

A semester on the critical analysis of the global/local aspects of the first economic activity of the Third Millennium.


This Master’s Degree (Level of qualification: 2nd cycle / 7 EQF level) offers a set of interdisciplinary, polyvalent skills and knowledge to give students the planning and decision-making abilities to face complex situations like the relationship between tourism and local development.

The specific educational goals of this degree course are:

  • teaching students to evaluate the interdisciplinary approach to analysing social and landscape phenomena. This interdisciplinary approach, including Geography, Sociology, Economics and Communications Science, confers the ability to analyse a geographical area and identify its strengths and weaknesses in terms of tourism;

  • teaching up-to-date, polyvalent, practical skills through an active methodology, exercises useful in the working world, and lab work under the aid of representatives from the professional world;

  • sensitising students to problems emerging from the relationship between place and culture, in order to know how to use local specificity in tourism in a non-intrusive way that brings development for the local community and landscape.

The two-year Master Course is mainly taught in Italian, however, we offer an entire semester taught in English. Aimed at offering foreign students the possibility to investigate different aspects, related to the global/local aspects of the Italian tourism of today, in a comparative way and from the point of view of different social sciences such as law, geography, management and sociology. 

There is the possibility to participate in laboratories and workshops next to your studies, where you can acquire practical skills in the Italian language and data management. The courses last from September to January and are worth 39 ECTS in total. Every student can choose from the available courses, and even enlarge his/her choice to the courses provided in Italian.


The two-year master has a variety of courses available, spread out over the duration of the master. 

Year one has subjects relating to demographics, international law, heritage, management, intercultural relations and research, all in the field of tourism. The second year builds on this knowledge, and has a large section of the year relating to research.


University of Milano Bicocca

Milano-Bicocca is a young university that will connect you with students from all over the world. You will not just be a student here; you will be a member of the global community. Since its foundation our University has reached beyond its borders entering into various agreements. Our teachers are members of international research groups that share numerous projects: ITMN is not the last of them!



2 years


Milan, Italy




Tourism, Territory & Development
Italian with English support
Global & local aspects
Non-intrusive development
Data management options


Cross cultural understanding
Creative leadership
Research processes & methods
Contextual research
Destination development

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