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Rey Juan Carlos University 

During this Master's in International Tourism Management you will learn a lot about the tourism industry, with a focus on heritage, culture and strategic management.


The Master Tourism and Change combines knowledge of business administration with an analytic and comprehensive perspective on the changes affecting and originating from tourism development. These perspectives on analysing, managing and creating change are discussed using examples from the various tourism sectors (hospitality, destination management, airline management, tour operating etc.) and allow for a strategic approach to the future development of tourism.

You will learn to identify, interpret and provide solutions for strategic challenges faced by tourism businesses and to make strategic judgements under uncertainty by relying on an in-depth understanding of change processes in tourism.

As a University of Applied Science, the relationship between studying, research and practice forms an important part of the programme. Gain valuable insights from practitioners in lectures, on international field trips, in the mentoring programme and during the consultancy project. Connect theory and practice in case studies and in real-life situations.


The International Tourism Management Master’s Degree at URJC is prepared as a response to the growing demand for qualified professionals and entrepreneurs for the tourism and leisure sector. The master trains students to be high-level professionals in management and planning, as well as experts in research, oriented towards knowledge development in the field of tourism activity. 

The current situation of the tourism industry is very different from a decade ago. The inherent characteristics of the dynamic tourist sector and those of a world with a new scenario, have forced the world to reconsider how we live, work, think and travel. For this reason, it is essential that knowledge, education, innovation and creativity are considered as key tools for the present and future needs of the global tourism industry. These key tools, along with the international dimension of the Master’s, make it a unique programme, that also offers opening opportunities for students to work in multicultural teams with a high level of specialty in the tourism sector. 


Rey Juan Carlos University 

Rey Juan Carlos University is a Public University sited in Madrid Region. It is a young and dynamic institution, they celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2021, that is at your service, providing you with quality training through a wide and excellent academic offer, and contributing to the forefront of knowledge, the result of which is reflected in the national and international rankings.



1 year


Madrid, Spain




International Tourism
Cultural Management
Strategic Management


Foundations of Tourism
International Marketing Mgm
Tourism Destination Mgm
Elective UNESCO Module

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